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Food for Thought: Vegetarian Life

Lifestyle January 13, 2015 By Lifehacklane

  1. Country with the Highest Percentage of Vegetarians

Country with the Highest Percentage of Vegetarians

Unlike the limited options people may have in many countries, it’s very easy to find vegetarian fare in India, whose billion-plus population is made up of about 40% vegetarians. To a large degree, this is due to the avoidance of meat in the Hindu religion, which bans dietary sources derived from animals. In some areas such as Gujarat, there is even a complete ban on all types of meat.

  1. Sushi Bar? Yes, You Can!

Sushi Bar? Yes, You Can!

If you’ve never tried sushi because you expect it to always contain raw fish or fish products, there is good news. Most sushi restaurants offer a wide variety of vegetarian food, including kappamaki (made with cucumber), Kanpyomaki (strips of dried gourd) or Takuan Hosomaki (pickled daikon). To find hundreds of colorful and creative ways to make vegetarian sushi, simply type “fun with sushi” into Pintrest or Google images. And enjoy!

  1. Some Fun with Onions
  2. Some Fun with Onions

As a fun centerpiece for your next Super bowl or other party, you may have made a giant fried elephant onion for friends to share. But after the holidays, what else can you do with these inexpensive vegetables? Try a caramelized onion quesadilla, feta cheese and onion tart or veggie burger with thick slices of sweet Vidalia or purple onion.

  1. Rutabagas: Ugly Only in Name

Rutabagas: Ugly Only in Name

We’re taught not to judge a book by its cover. Well, this holds true for rutabagas! For example, after roasting thin slices of rutabaga with olive oil and cooking sherry, you can create a beautiful yellow salad with pistachios and cranberries. Or cook up a blend with other root vegetables (radishes, turnips and parsnips) and serve over the colorful course, choose to wow your palette and your guests.

      1. Carrot Tops

      Carrot Tops

      You may think that Bugs Bunny and other rabbits all love carrots. Not so! What can really get a bunny hopping are yummy green carrot tops. Even though they may be more difficult to find in large supermarkets, if you “dig” a little you can locate smaller food shops or Farmer’s Markets. Treat your favorite furry friend to these highly nutritious greens – inexpensively, too!

    1. To Quiche or Not to Quiche?

    To Quiche or Not to Quiche?

    Low-fat Quiche. Isn’t that a contradiction in terms, since quiche is made with eggs, cheese and cream? Not necessarily. Just make these recipe substitutions next time you have a quiche craving: use organic butter substitute; half whole eggs and half egg whites and low-fat, flavorful cheeses. Add a thinner crust and more filling, and you’ll be well on your way to cutting those calories!

  1. Traveling with Your Favorite Vegetarian

Traveling with Your Favorite Vegetarian

Everyone can eat happily when traveling, and that doesn’t mean that your favorite vegetarian must have yet another “house salad” for dinner. Search ahead of time health food stores and ethnic dining establishments that serve both carnivores and vegetarians – most Greek, Italian and Mexican resta

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