10 Everyday Things We Take for Granted

Lifestyle October 4, 2017 By Hugo

Life is a gift. The fact you're reading this proves just that. You're awake and in tune with a life that won't be lived forever and without going all trippy, how great is that? Just take this mind-boggling statistic that one man formulated. Astonishingly, he found the probability of being born and successfully delivered into this world to be an astounding, "one in 102,685,000." In that case, you're already a miracle! You've already beaten the odds and are a living embodiment that life is more than just a queue for death. 

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So in the aim of showing you that a healthy blend of happiness and contentment can yield the perfect life, we at Lifehack Lane thought it essential to take you through a few everyday things many of us take for granted.

1. Our loved ones

What is about love that makes us feel like the impossible is there for the taking? That we might just get there in the end because we have those we love most by our side. And whether it's your mother, your sibling or your beautiful partner, you should always smile when you think of them. They might drive you up the wall, but they still love you.

Without love, after all, what is life comprised of? You may have dreams of superstardom, and some may even have those dreams realised. But an ancient proverb once said, "Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it." In other words, dreaming of what we think will make us happy can often have the reverse effect. It gives us everything we thought we wanted when all we needed was companionship and love. 

2. Employment 

Having a steady job, whether it's in a field you like or merely in an industry that pays the bills, should never be sniffed at.  

You have a wage, meaning to get up in the morning and more than anything else, a sense that you're contributing to this world. It's usually only after we are made redundant that we see that. 

3. Our senses

Being able to see an abundance of colours and smell an array of scents is one of life's great pleasures and adds extra poignancy to the phrase, "The best things in life are free." Sprawling sunsets, ashen snowflakes, starlit skies. The wafting smell of bbq on a sunny evening as you walk home from work. The slender feel of your lovers marble skin. We could go on- but we won't. What we will do is tell you that our senses should never be ignored. 

God forbid, but you may just wake up blind. Or go deaf, or lose the feeling in your legs which is probably why many say you should live every day like it's your last. But instead, try living every day like it's your first. You'll revel in the music of the birds chirping, and smile with delight as the wind gently strokes your cheek. You'll feel happy. Happy to be alive.

4. Social opportunities 

We work longer and longer, and to be told there's a party after a long day's work can be enough to send you running to your bed. But what we often fail to see is the social interactions that parties offer. They give us opportunities to unwind and be merry as the warming fuzz of alcohol works its magic.

People often assume that a night out is a useless one. But partying well into the early hours as you talk about life can give us memories and funny stories that we will remember forever. 

5. Education

When your parents were dragging the sheets away from you as you wallowed in despair at yet another day at school, there's a good chance they told you to be,"grateful to have an education." And they were more than right in that statement. One only has to look at the lengths others go just to get a decent standard of education.

Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head for trying to further her and her classmate's educational interests, and millions of others walk hours- often on barefoot- to school every day.

6. Your health

Never take your health for granted is a truism that will never get old. Why? Because you could be the most financially successful person in the world who is loved by millions but would happily trade it all if a tragedy bestowed itself upon you. In a nutshell, you'd seek solace in the only things that matter: your loved ones.

Nothing else matters. And while material objects gleam and shine, they're only sold to us because they are exclusive items. So if you have them, and most don't, you'll somehow feel special, right? But the only things that matter are the things that make you feel and emit LOVE. But sadly for some,  they find out when it's too late. Don't let that be you...

7. Having a home

Having shelter is a fundamental human right, yet hundreds of millions from around the world are still living without any real housing. So why you may gush at the size of that mansion, and wish your little flat would be a thing of the past, you need to assess your needs.

Does it have a toilet? A comfy couch? A place where you can cook your food without any hassle? If so, then you already have a life many could only dream of. 

8. Freedom of speech

Expressing our opinions is another everyday thing we take for granted. But in other parts of the world expressing your anguish or opinion on a topic can lead to harsh repercussions. So revel in the idea of writing a blog about your Government's incompetence.

Or petition outside factories without the fear of police physically assaulting you. These are practices that should be universal human rights, but they aren't. So while you should never feel guilty for taking them for granted, be aware of those in other parts of the world who don't have the same rights as you do.

9. Your mind

This point will be of significant pertinence to those who suffer/suffered from anxiety and depression.

Indeed, once we have had our mental well-being negatively altered, we start to realise that all that matters in life is our happiness, and we crave and long for the day that it comes back. 

10. The little things 

Little things go a long way in life. It's a mindset that will leave you happy and grateful for all you have as opposed to what you don't. And this can be found in small everyday things. Having a warm shower after a long and sticky days work can give us that snug and cosy feeling other people living on the streets will never feel. Or waking up in the morning to a full fridge of lovely food. Even just being able to use a toilet in privacy is something we should never take for granted.

So next time you moan about your low wages or those two spots on your cheek remember that there are billions out there who could only live your life by escaping into a dream. You're living a life of privilege, and one which can be a whole lot more fulfilling if you take these things on board. 


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