10 Essential Items For Any Road Trip

Top Tips November 1, 2017 By Vincent

So you're planning a road trip, you've got your favorite allies on board and you know where you're headed but what are the essential items you should take for this epic adventure of yours? We're here to help.

1. AAA Membership

Roadside assistance is a must for any long car journey because if things go wrong you are going to need some help. At $52 a year for membership, it's not that steep an investment and more than pays for itself if you do ever run into trouble (or trouble runs into you).

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Membership allows for four service calls a year and covers you if you run out of gas or if you get a flat battery as well as pretty much all other motoring problems.

2. Car Phone Charger

If you get stranded in the middle of nowhere you are going to need help but if you can't get help then this is a major problem.

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Make sure you've got a phone charger that you can use in your car and that works so that at least your phone will be working even if your vehicle isn't.

3.  Drinking Water

It's a good idea to take drinking water on your journey because if you're driving endlessly and don't see anywhere to stop, you will still need to stay hydrated.

What if you break down and help can't get to you for a while? Water is your friend.

4. Engine Coolant

You'd be surprised by how often car engines overheat and a little-known fact is that coolant goes off. Put simply, get a nice fresh bottle for your next long trip and you should be fine and dandy.


5. License, Registration, and Insurance

You can not and should not drive without this stuff in the first place but it is a good idea to keep this documentation on you as you will have to provide it if you are pulled over for any reason.

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It's also good to have to hand if you become involved in an accident.

6. Money

This may seem obvious but you are going to need money, either in cash or credit form, to buy gas, snacks, pay for accommodation etc.

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What is also worth noting is that you may need extra for emergencies, hopefully, you won't need to use it but keep it safe just in case.

7. First Aid Kit

Sometimes accidents happen and you need to make sure you can patch yourself up if you can't get to a hospital quickly.


Obviously, if it is a serious incident then get to the emergency room asap but you will need supplies to tide you over.

8.  Toilet Paper

Sometimes you may go many miles without seeing a bathroom and sometimes those bathrooms are woefully understocked and in a poor state.


Always be prepared!

9. Road Atlas

If you get no GPS signal or your phone has died then what are you going to do for navigation.


You could use the stars but that means driving only at night and so nothing beats a good old road map.

10. Flashlight and Batteries

we've covered almost all the bases of things going wrong, just to be sure, but if things go wrong in the dark then you need some light. It's that simple.

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It is very unlikely that any of these things will happen but it's good to be prepared. Safe travels folks.



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