8 Effective Exercises For Beginners That You Can Do At Home

Lifestyle November 15, 2017 By Hugo

Another day, another inch added to the gut. Sound familiar? If so, then don't worry- you're not alone. In fact, one study estimates that around half the adult population do no exercise whatsoever. But why are many adults forgoing exercise? Sure, work is stressful, and for those that are married and have children, achieving a workout after an arduous day in the office can seem impossible.

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Moreover, sharing a gym with hordes of immaculately toned men and women won't exactly ease the nerves for a beginner trying to shed a bit of belly fat, while the smell of human gas and sweat can be so displeasing you may easily lose the weight by repetitiously vomiting. 

Yes, gyms aren't for everyone. We totally get that. But where there's a will there's a way, so instead, try these 8 simple exercises for beginners at home.  All they require is a set of dumbells and a personal willingness to improve. So have a read and try giving them a go. Best of luck!

1. Press-up

With your hands shoulder-width apart and your back flat, lean into the ground until your chest touches the floor. Then, lift yourself back up and repeat the process nine times. You should be aiming to achieve at least three sets of 10 repetitions.


That way, your upper body- particularly your shoulders and chest- will be more equipped at dealing with the more demanding exercises if you were to one day join a gym.

2. Farmer's walk

This task requires little technique. Just grab two heavy dumbells, (ideally half your weight), and advance in a straight line.

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You should be walking with speed, and not long after you'll begin to feel your shoulder stabilisers, upper traps and front deltoids burning. Your grip will radically improve as well, allowing you to be more prepared for when you progress to using heavier weights.

3. Lateral raise

Standing upright, place two dumbells to your thighs before lifting both sideways. You should aim to reach a level in tandem with your shoulders. Any higher and your shoulders won't fully contract.

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But remember the importance of standing still. The urge to swing and go with gravity can be tempting, but you won't see any results. Use the power from your shoulders, and nothing else.

4. Bicep curl

The bicep curl is one of the most common exercises, and there's a reason- it's a straightforward task.


All you need to do is stand upright and, with your arms, curl two dumbells until they reach shoulder level. However, the technique is essential, and many move each muscle in their arms. But you should only be using your forearms, while the bicep should stay stationary at all times.

5. Side plank

Lying on your left side, with your elbow leaning on the floor, raise your leg until it's straight.

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After, tense your core and raise your hips till your body assumes a straight line. Hold the position while breathing deeply before repeating the exercise with the other leg.

6. Leg drop

With your back on the floor, your arms by your side, and your legs straightened, lift your legs slowly in the air until they are directly above you.

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At that point, you should feel your abs contracting. From there, lower your legs slowly to the floor and repeat the process to failure. For those wanting abs without wanting to do a procession of crunches, then this exercise is perfect.

7. Deadbug

With your knees bent 90 degrees into the air and your hands above you, straighten one leg until it is only an inch from the floor before bringing it back to its starting position. Repeat the process with the other leg.

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The abdominal muscles will contract, but more importantly, your core stabilisers will be working, too, giving you that extra oomph on the sports field.

8. Dumbell floor press

Lie down on the floor with your elbows bent and with both dumbells resting slightly above your chest. Next, push forward as far as your arms will extend.

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Pause at the end of the rep, and then slowly bring down the dumbells. Unlike press ups, dumbells allow more scope for development due to the variety of weights on offer.


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