Dine In Style At The World's Most Stunning Restaurants

Lifestyle February 20, 2018 By Hugo

Eating out is something we all enjoy as restaurants offer a rest bite from cooking and allow us to soak up quality time with loved ones. However, there are an exclusive array of restaurants that offer more than just a good meal and a nice day out.

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From skyline views to stunning, awe-inspiring interiors, these world-renowned restaurants will be sure to leave a lasting impression on your eyes, as well as your stomach.

1. Asiate, New York City, New York

Perched on the 35th floor of New York's sleek Mandarin Hotel, this restaurant is the epitome of fine dining.


Lucky customers can marvel at the coruscating views that look down on one of the world's most wondrous metropolises and delight their tongues in an array of oriental/ French-inspired cuisine from the Burmese head chef, Toni Robertson. 

2. La Chèvre d’Or, Eze, France

This two star-Michelin restaurant offers gorgeous views of the Cote d’Azur's turquoise waters.

Like the sea, the French gourmet food is just as stunning and has gained a famed reputation for its dishes. In the summer, demand surges so it is advised to book a month in advance for those lucky enough to travel there.

3. Felix, Hong Kong

Hong Kong's harbor is a modernist wonder, and neither is that more apparent than when dining at the spectacular Felix hotel, which overlooks it.

Located on the 28th floor of the Peninsula Hotel, floor-to-ceiling windows allow diners unobstructed views of the dazzling cityscape.

4. Le Jules Verne, Paris

Ingeniously located on the second level of the Eiffel Tower, the sprawling outline of the Parisian city can be seen from the bay windows.

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For those of a more romantic disposition, book in the evening to witness the tower gleam and sparkle as you indulge in a soothing glass of red.

5. Ambrosia, Santorini, Greece

If ever there were a location fitting of a great restaurant, then this is it.

Perched atop one of the island's volcanic mountains, Santorini's stunning views Aegean Sea views allow for a restaurant so fabled you'll begin to question whether it is all a dream.

6. Il Pirata, Praiano, Italy

Customers can stuff themselves silly with the magnificent sea urchin linguine while marveling in the wondrous setting of the Amalfi Coast.

Being one of Italy's most famed cooking cities, you're more than guaranteed a good time at this charming Neapolitan restaurant.

7. Baan Rim Pa, Phuket, Thailand

Thai cuisine has a worldwide reputation, so what better way to enjoy its mouth-pleasing qualities than by dining in Thailand's world-renowned Baan Rim Pa restaurant.

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Overlooking the sun-dappled waters of the Andaman Sea, the royal menu consists of foods once exclusively served in Thailand’s Grand Palace.

8. Limo, Cuzco, Peru

Gorge yourself silly with Limo's succulent marinated beef and fiery Amarillo peppers as you overlook the stylish plaza. 

Peru is one of South America's best-kept secrets, and this incredible restaurant proves that the continent has more to offer than jaunts to Brazil and Argentina.

9. Eagle’s Eye Restaurant, British Columbia, Canada

For 15 minutes, customers are lifted 7,700 feet above sea-level and then given an exclusive gondola ride to the restaurant, which offers panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains.

Owing to its romantic setting, we recommend you take your significant other here at least once in your lifetime.

10. Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, Tanzania

Overlooking the bucolic Tanzanian scenery, a meal at the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge is one that will stay with you forever.

Not only can diners feast on a broad range of Pan-African dishes, but with the aid of binoculars, wildebeest, and big cats can be seen roaming their natural habitats.


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