10 Dating Sites That Will All But Guarantee You Find 'The One'

Lifestyle November 13, 2017 By Hugo

Dating is, in many ways, the car journey from hell, full of inconveniences, stoppages, and a resulting crash that puts us face-first into the smothering hold of a pale airbag. In other words; most of us aren't very good at conversing with people we like, and because of this we are often spending more time being consoled by our friends than we are talking to people who may just want us for all our quirks and eccentricities. 

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But it doesn't have to be that way. In fact, with over 1,000 new dating websites appearing yearly, the world of online dating is now a lucrative industry and one which no longer has the stigma it once had.

So with that in mind, and for those in the hunt for a loving and fulfilling relationship- whatever your background or current circumstances are- we've compiled a list of what we think are the best ten dating websites out there.

1. Elite Singles

For those with a high-flying career and with little time to find love, then Elite Singles may just be one of the best dating sites out there. In fact, Elite Singles is responsible for around 2000 new couples a month so if you think you fit their criteria, then what are you waiting for?

As a general rule of thumb, the website tends to cater to those who have already established their careers and who hover between the 30-55 age range but if you tick those boxes then prepare to be wowed from their unique algorithm, which delivers up to 7 compatible matches a day according to your preferences.

2. eHarmony

Are you sick of unrequited love, or worst yet, none at all? If so, then you may just want to look for harmonious love by signing up to eHarmony. With one of the largest online dating user bases in the world, eHarmony offers an intelligent relationship questionnaire that not only helps you find those with mutual interests but also leaves you with a plethora of information about your matches, all but assuring that your date won't be full of awkward silences.

Most significantly, the website wasn't designed by a group of young and nerdy computer scientists from Silicon Valley. Instead, eHarmony was the brainchild of one of the world's leading clinical psychologists.

Dr Warren, who has also penned several books on love and marriage, is believed to be responsible for some 600,000 eHarmony marriages.


Before dating apps like Tinder came along, Match.com was arguably the world's best-known gateway to love and dating. Indeed, hundreds of thousands of relationships have spawned from this easy-to-use website and with an instant messaging service included, establishing initial contact with potential partners can be relatively easy.

Better still, due to the worldwide reach of Match, members who live in big cities are invited to many events hosted from website organisers for those afraid of meeting someone by themselves and can instead mingle in an environment with many others.

4. Dating Agency

While divorce and relationship breakdowns are common causes of people being single later on in life, It seems that the work/life balance that was once so important to society has now decreased rapidly, leaving many reaching 40 without a partner.

However, with 2 million plus users, the Dating Agency caters to that problem. Best of all, it's free- as is sending an introductory message! Those regularly on the go can also use the website on their mobile, and with a wide array of filters, Dating Agency is one of the best out there for those who may be falling out of love with love.

5. be2

With over 1 million registered members, be2 may not have as many users as other online dating sites, but what it does boast is more than a 40% success rate for singles looking for love.

Those looking for a bit of fun, however, will be disappointed to know that Be2 is not a casual dating site and the goal of the company is actually to find singles the love of their lives.

6. Our Time

Like with be2, Our Time, with around 1m users, isn't the biggest dating app out there, but quality over quantity is often more important.

The best thing about OurTime is its fun way of dealing with a scene that is often daunting. To deal with this and the all-too-common nightmare of meeting someone who looks nothing like their photos, Our Time allows users to record audio and video messages. 


For those of a particular faith, especially one which only has 14m members, finding a suitable partner can often be a nightmare, but for love-wishing Jews, they can rest assured that JDate will help them out.

In fact, JDate has the largest collection of Jewish singles looking for relationships, and with a great array of features including a weekly online magazine, JDate is one of the world's premier religious dating sites.

8. Single Parent Meet 

Being a single parent is one of the hardest things in the world, and your wants and needs must be put to one side to cater for the child/children, so it's rather refreshing to know that a dating website as good as Single Parent Meet exists.

A great option for those with a mutual appreciation and understanding for the life of a single parent, the filters employed by the algorithm allow users to search for that perfect single parent based on keywords.

9. Professional Match

As the name suggests, this website is only for those serious at finding love. For those who are, users, upon the initial sign up stage, can expect a one-on-one interview with a leading dating expert employed by the website to help you find those most suited to your wants and interests.

But the thing we love about this site is its authenticity. So many dating sites are crammed with users but in many cases most rarely respond or are often downright creepy, yet with safety and personalization features, all Professional Match profiles are verified following the one-on-one interview.

10. Zoosk

While you may be spoiled for choice with over 38 million searchable members, Zoosk's Advanced Behavioral Matchmaking technology means you'll always be put in contact with someone appropriate.

It's also free, and the interface and database are easy to navigate, and with many local matches on offer, you won't run the risk of falling for someone 100 miles away. Coming in the form of a mobile app as well, Zoosk can offer more opportunities for serious dating as opposed to the hookup culture promoted by more popular dating apps like Tinder. 


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