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10 Cool And Affordable Xmas Presents That Won't Break The Bank

Top Tips December 13, 2016 By Hugo

Buying Christmas presents is never easy and due to vast amount of choice the average western consumer now has, finding a gift that you think someone might like seems harder than ever. But fear not.

Lifehack Lane has scoured the web so you don't have to and come up with 10 gift ideas that we believe would make a worthy addition to any Christmas stocking.

Here are 10 great Christmas gifts that cover all ages without breaking the bank. 

1. 3D Printing Pen- $56

3D printers may not be readily available to most members of the public unless they're willing to part with thousands of dollars, but related products, such as this ingenious pen, are more readily available than you'd think.


Releasing a gel that stiffens on the spot, users can craft their very own three-dimensional plastic drawings without having to use complicated computer programmes. The possibilities are endless, and whether you want to make a replica model of Justin Bieber's face or add fresh and funky patterns to your trainers, then you can. Better still, the product at a moderately priced $56, and with ink being no more than $15, the product is hardly bank-breaking. 


2. 642 Things To Write About- $19

If you want to foster creativity in a child, then this excellent book wouldn't be a bad addition to their stocking.


Aptly named, 642 Things To Write About, the book does exactly what it says, with hundreds of topics presented as possible storylines.

3. Growing Wishes Seed Kit-$20

Perfect for those of a spiritual disposition and those going through a rough time, this seed kit allows you to plant your very own wishes and watch them gradually burst to life.


And with 8 different types of seeds, ranging from strength and love to clarity and happiness, the ends result won't only be a beautiful set of flowers; it will also remind them of the things they hold dear.


4.  iPad Foosball- $100 

This iPad foosball set would make a great present for anyone, from your young child to a college roommate. Of course, it isn't as good as a full table, but in some ways its better, and with many homeowners and tenants not having the luxury of space, this gift is certainly unique.


All that's required is to place an iPad on top of the tray, and after opening the Classic Match Foosball app, owners of this product are greeted with a matchday experience no regular foosball table could offer, with cheering crowds and other sound effects some of the many awesome features presented.

5. LED Mood Light- $58.90

A room's ambience is important, and whether you want a more dimly-lit feel to the living room when your loved one comes over or intense and glowing colours at your house party, this LED mood light system will have you covered. 


And with 15 different colours to choose from via the aid of a simple remote, it's perfect for almost any occassion.

6. Personalized Mixtape Pillow- $58

This adorable gift is yet another item stocked by uncommongoods.com and is ideal for anyone in a relationship. 


Personalised to your taste, you can scribe anything you want on to the pillow which is shaped and replicated in the form of an old-school cassette.

7. Silent Vibrating Alarm Watch- $30

How many times has your significant other woken you up in the early hours so they can get to work even though you don't have to be in for another 2 hours? A lot, right? Well, perhaps with that in mind, this silent vibrating wrist watch was created.


All that's required is that you wear it in bed, with the silent alarm vibrating on your wrist providing enough of a disturbance to wake you or your partner without alerting others nearby.

8. Washington Post Personalized Book-$89

Unbeknown to many, the Washington Post sells these excellent personalised books which present the day's paper on the exact day you were born.


The gift also comes in a delightful black casing and is an excellent gift for those interested in journalism and history.

9. Wireless Eye Massager- $130

If you know someone who deserves a nice relaxing massage but never has the time because they're always too busy looking after other people, then you might want to splash the cash and give them the gift of relaxation.


The wireless eye massager, which also plays soothing sounds when you put it on comes in an array of settings, including a hard pressed massage feel and a more restful, meditative one.

10. Christmas Gift Basket- Prices Vary

If you still can't decide what to get someone,  even after analysing the products listed, then why not play it safe and purchase a Christmas gift basket?


There are many online websites which, as well as selling their own baskets, allow you to customise your very own.

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