10 Pairs Of Trainers That Will Never Go Out Of Vogue

Lifestyle November 21, 2017 By Hugo

Whether it's the latest pair of Jordans or a vintage pair of Vans, owning a nice pair of trainers is a feeling that never gets old. 

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Here, we chronicle ten timeless trainers that we at Lifehack Lane can't ever imagine going out of vogue.

1. Air Jordan I Mid

While the Air Jordan I will always be the bestselling Jordan shoe, the beautiful simplicity of the I Mid makes this a must-have shoe for any sneaker lover.

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Like any good trainer, the fashion possibilities are endless. They go well with almost anything. From skinny black jeans to three-quarter length basketball shorts, you'd be hard-pressed to find an outfit that doesn't go with these bad boys.

2. Chuck Taylor Converse

When Americans were asked to name the one trainer that characterises American lifestyle more than other, the Chuck Taylor Converse polled highest. And that's little wonder. They represent vintage America to a tee. They're timeless shoes, and much like a Johnny Cash album or a juicy cheeseburger, it's hard to imagine them being anything other than loved. 

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Best of all, they're a unisex shoe. Wear them with skinny jeans or flairs. Gym shorts or chinos. Whatever the weather and whatever the wardrobe, Chuck Taylor's will always have you looking good.

3. Addidas Superstar

You only need to take a quick glance at a pair of Addidas Superstar's to be won over. The stitching. The thick laces. The vintage Addidas Originals logo.

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If you still need convincing, however,  we suggest you listen to this song. Yes, they're so cool someone by the name of Run DMC wrote a song about them called "My Addidas."

4. Vans

Anyone who's owned a pair of Vans will know of their enduring qualities.


They're simple yet stylish. Perfect summer shoes. After all, they're often referred to as the California shoe. But true Vans lovers will know of their multi-seasonal qualities. Worn with cosy warm socks, for instance, and you have a pair of snug feet for when outdoors in the winter. You can even wear them with a suit if purchased in black.

5. Nike Blazer

A favourite trainer of LeBron James, these shoes need little introduction. Still, for those needing a bit more information, Blazers are to basketball what Vans are to skateboarding.

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They're one of the few basketball shoes (Jordans being the obvious example) that have made the crossover into popular fashion since their emergence in the 70s. 

6. Nike AirMax 90

Boasting a futuristic yet sleek and understated design, Air Max 90s, like the famous Air Force Ones, are a firm favourite among the loyal legions of Nike-trainer aficionados. 

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They've also been known to appreciate in price for those interested in collecting sneakers.

7. Nike Blazer-Mid

These shoes give you an effortless swag. Retro in every way, from the suede fabric to the sponge tongue, the simplicity of the swoosh is divine as always.

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And coupled with its array of fashionable colours, these unisex shoes remain a favourite for hipsters and arty types.

8. New Balance 410 Retro Classic

New Balance has made a concerted effort to tap into the sports market, and now sponsors a whole host of professional sporting teams and athletes.


In turn, their more stylish range that Americans have come to know and love, like the 410 Retro Classic trainers, have seen a surge in demand across the world. In fact, it was the 410s that kept the company afloat when they experienced a sharp fall in sales.

9. Puma Suede

Like Addidas' Stan Smith range, Puma Suedes make great tennis shoes.

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Their lustrous suede colours also make them stand out from your everyday kind of sneaker.

10. Reebok Freestyle

The inner hipster in all of us can't help but have a soft spot for the original high-top shoe.

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Vintage, old-school, and still rocking velcro, you'd be a mad hater to dislike a fresh pair of Freestyles. 


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