10 Cool Places To Go On A First Date

Lifestyle October 5, 2017 By Hugo

Going on a first date is nervewracking. After all, the person you're meeting is a complete stranger and having to converse successfully with someone you've never met before can be a steep challenge. But you needn't worry about things that are out of your hands. What you can do is arrange an amazing first date that makes you stand out from the others. 

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Here are ten first date ideas guaranteed to impress any potential suitor.

1. Go horseback riding

Whether you're on the beach or riding through quaint and bucolic settings, horseback riding on a first date can allow for a great adventure.

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Of course, limited riding experience would make this idea problematic, but for those less experienced, there are usually trainers on hand who offer guided excursions for beginners. 

2. Visit a karaoke bar

For those of a more confident-disposition, belting out the lyrics to your favourite tunes can offer light relief to the initial nervousness of the encounter. And by the time you've had a few glasses of Dutch courage, you'll both be seasoned karaoke pros.

Either that or you'll forever remember that night you awkwardly sang Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You."

3. Attend a cooking class

While eating on a first date can be a risk (no one finds a salad leaf in one's teeth attractive), getting down and dirty with a spot of cooking can be a great way to get to know your date.

You'll also be required to work together, which will potentially allow you to gauge how well you'd work together as a couple. 

4. Hire a boat 

Dependent on your income, hiring a boat on a beautiful and sunny day can allow for a picturesque setting and even a spot of swimming (you've got to show off that beach bod at some time, right?).

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Heck, even if it's raining, you can always go with the flow and make out like two people in a Nicholas Sparks movie.

5. Visit a psychic 

It may sound rather odd, and even creepy, but it's not every day you visit a mind reader.

They're often really cool places, and by the end, you can laugh when told a life of loneliness and solitude awaits. You're both going to be in need of a drink after hearing that...

6. Go to the zoo

Most people love animals, and even if your date doesn't, they'll be hard-pressed not to find the zoo interesting.

It's a fun place with a family-friendly atmosphere. Just don't show off by attempting to tame the lions....

7. Go bowling

Clown-like shoes aren't the best look on a first date, but when worn by both, they can make for a better than expected time. It may be a cliched first date, but when you're trying to break the ice with someone, physical activity is often the best way to get a conversation flowing.

You could even place a silly bet on the loser buying the first round of drinks if you think the date is going well.

8. Walk along the beach

If you have the fortune of living near the coast, then take full advantage of the golden sands and crystal waters by suggesting a walk along the coastline. You can even bring a few beers and snacks if you fancy sitting down and watching the crimson sun descend.

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Kissing is, of course, dependent on the date, but a beach kiss at sunset isn't a bad way to kick things off. 

9. Watch an outdoor movie

As summer approaches, watching an outdoor movie- whether it's at a drive-in or a sit-down theatre- can make for magical moments.

Granted, you can't talk much, but with the romantic setting and (hopeful) talking points from the movie, you'll certainly give yourself a shot at a great evening. Just make sure the movie is lighthearted/romantic. Casablanca is always a go-to first date movie choice.

10. Visit an aquarium 

With iridescent colours and dimly-lit rooms, stepping inside an aquarium is a beautiful experience.

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So wander through the hushed rooms, and look at your date's face as it illuminates from the glowing tanks. You just might find you have something special. 


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