16 Commonly Consumed Foods That Can Give You Cancer

Lifestyle November 13, 2017 By Hugo

We're often told what we can and can't eat. One moment bacon is good for us, and the next month a study comes along telling us otherwise. Even fruit and vegetables are no longer viewed with safety. But maybe there's a reason. After all, while it is easy to mock and dismiss certain findings, many make convincing points. And whether you choose to believe them or not, there's a whole host of theories that can't be ignored- especially when you consider that several of the most common cancers come from the gastrointestinal system. 

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So with your health in mind, we at Lifehack Lane have compiled a list of 16 foods which have been known to contain cancer-inducing properties. 

1. French Fries 

After being doused with fatty oils and mountains of salt, french fries, which start out merely as nutrient-rich potatoes, become nothing of the sought.

Instead, the salt increases your blood pressure, and as fries are cooked at high temperatures, they often contain high levels of acrylamide, a chemical compound also found in cigarette smoke and industrial materials.

2. Microwave Popcorn

They may seem like harmless corn balls, but they're anything but.

In fact, the artificial butter is known to contain a dangerous chemical that can damage the lungs when consumed. 

3. Red Meat

While red meat isn't directly correlated with cancer, too much of it is. In part, this is because red meat contains a sugar molecule called, Neu5Gc, which becomes part of your cells when consumed. And though your system fights it, inflammation often occurs, which can significantly increase the risk of cancer. 

Other studies that explored red meat consumption point to an increased likelihood of breast cancer in women. However, before you lament your existence and throw away your summer barbeque plans, health professionals are adamant that the red stuff is okay to consume in moderation and if grilled correctly. In some cases, red meat can even fight cancer if it is organic.

4. Soda 

We have long been told fizzy drinks are bad for us. They rot our teeth and give us too much energy. But when we're adults, we tend to discard such advice and go back to our soda addictions.

However, many would be less likely to open that cold soda can if they knew it contained Fructose- a type of sugar which is a know cancer culprit. In most instances, regular intakes of soda cause the body to acidify, which results in cancer cells multiplying.

5. Diet Foods

Contrary to popular belief, diet foods are typically packed full of artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, and flavors.

Artificial sweeteners, in particular, are known to cause cancer with one such artificial sweetener being found to contain Saccharin, which was known to cause cancer in lab rats.

6. Processed Meats

They haven't got the best reputation, but few know of the cancer risks they pose. Just take one study from the University of Hawaii.

Researchers found that conventionally processed meats like hot dogs and sausages increased the risk of pancreatic cancer by a whopping 67%. 

7. Farmed Salmon 

While red meat is the most dangerous meat, farmed salmon can be just as bad if a study from the University of Albany is anything to go by. 

Researchers found that farmed salmon contains a plethora of cancer-inducing containments including pesticides, antibiotics, PCBs. 

8. Processed White Flours

Instead of waiting for the flour to whiten naturally, most bakers now bleach their product with a chemical called chlorine gas to speed up the process.

Chlorine gas, as the name suggests, is an irritant that is extremely unsafe to inhale- especially in large quantities. What's more, processed white flour has an extremely high glycemic rate, which can result in dangerous cancer cells being fed and thereby spreading across the body.

9. Refined Sugars 

Arguably the most significant cancerous foods, refined sugars cause substantial spikes in insulin levels, which feed the growth of cancer cells.

Thus, it's best to avoid candy altogether. But for those with a sweet tooth, which is most of us, then stick to organic honey and maple sugar.

10. Vegetable Oils

There isn't a whole lot of veggie goodness contained in vegetable oils.

Rather, most of the 'vegetables' have been extracted, chemically treated and then more chemicals added to change the smell and colour. Worst of all? Vegetable oils are packed full of unhealthy omega -6 fats, which have been proven to tamper with the structure of our cell membranes.

11. Alcohol

Behind tobacco, alcohol results in more cancer diagnoses than anything else. Of course, moderate drinking has never been an issue, but excessive alcohol abuse can be deadly.

One such study, by the World Health Organizations International Agency for Research on Cancer found that, by analysing the data of 27 separate studies, excessive alcohol use is responsible for a variety of different cancers including mouth, liver, colon, mouth, rectum, and female breast cancers.

12. Smoked, Pickled, and Salted Foods

These foods contain nitrate to preserve their sell-by date.

However, what the additives also do is lurk in your stomach and over time, lead to vicious spreading cancers. 

13. Artificial Sweeteners

While sweeteners tend to be used by people on diets, consuming them can often lead to weight increases. For instance, Aspartame, a chemical found in the sweeteners has been known to cause convulsions in many people, due to the chemicals being broken down into the body.

What results is a destructive toxin called DKP, which can lead to brain tumours.

14. Canned Goods 

Canned products have never been high on the health charts despite many canned products containing bisphenol-A (BPA).

BPA is a product which has been known to alter the brain cells of rats. 

15. Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs)

While there has been no direct evidence linking such foods to cancer, farmers and health professionals are in agreement that little testing was done before GMO products were added to the ingredients of thousands of retail items.

Thus, it is advised to avoid such foods at all costs for fear of long-term health risks that have yet to be discovered, 

16. Conventional Fruits

Today, it is almost expected that you buy organic fruits due to the array of cancer-causing pesticides found in non-organic fruit produce.

One such study from The Environmental Working Group (EWG) even found that 98% of all conventional produce is contaminated with pesticides.


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