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12 Common Health Myths That Are False

Health & Beauty August 25, 2016 By Vincent

Trying to be healthy is something we all should do and from time to time we might go on a diet or get our gym kit out of the back of the cupboard but we kid ourselves into thinking we're not that bad by clinging to long-held myths that we abide by in an attempt to assuage our guilty consciences. Well, I'm sorry people but I'm about to rock your world and blow your mind by exposing some health myths.

1. Eating Chocolate Gives You Bad Skin

There is absolutely no correlation between the amount of chocolate you eat and the amount of acne/zits you get. Sure, sugar doesn;t do you any good and you should probably try to avoid too much of it but just cutting out chocolate will not do anything (and probably make you less content). There's been actual research done on the issue where people were fed candy bars with and without chocolate and there was no discernable difference. You can read about it here.



2. Natural Sugar is Better For You Than Processed Sugar

Sugar is sugar is sugar. End of! It doesn't matter what type of sugar but just how much of it you are eating. Of course, foods with natural sugars (fruits, honey etc.) tend to be healthier anyway but the sugar content is what matters not what type of sugar.


3. Sugar Is As Addictive As Heroine

There is an argument to suggest that sugar stimulates the brain's reward system in the same manner as alcohol, heroine and cocaine but the problem with this is that there is no way of proving it. Even with brain scans and advances in medical science, there is no way of determining what addiction looks like in the brain thus to speculate on the effects of sugar in terms of addiction is just that...speculation and not fact.



4. Food Soaks Up Alcohol

Something our mothers always told us before going out was to eat something so that you'll get less drunk. Sorry mom but this just 'ain't the truth. Food and bread will delay alcohol from getting into the bloodstream but, one way or another, it all gets in there. It may help a hangover but not the immediate effects.


5. Hair and Nails Keep Growing After Death

When you are dead you are dead. That means every part of your body, no growth can happen because you are dead. Shrinkage can happen because of loss of fluids and tissues drying up so hair and nails may look like they've grown, but they haven't. Not that it matters, you'll be six feet under or burnt to a cinder by then anyway.


6. Chewing Gum Stays In Your Body For Years

Do other sticky foods stay in your body for years? No, then why just gum? Oh, because it's a lie. If you eat gum attached to a LEGO brick it might get lodged and it probably isn't the healthiest thing if you swallow it but it won't get tangled around your ribcage or clog up any important bits.


7. Breaking 'The Seal'

Alcohol is a diuretic meaning that it makes you pee more than you regularly would. Holding it in will do you no good and once you do let it out, it won't increase your trips to the toilet. Drinking more is the only thing that will do that.


8. Your Blood Turns Blue When It Has No Oxygen In It

Your blood is never blue (unless you're the Queen or Tom Hiddleston) and if it were, all those vampire TV shows would be very wrong (or wrong-er. Vampires aren't real) but it does turn a darker red when de-oxygenated. However, your veins look blue because they are viewed through many layers of tissue and skin. Cool fact though, some crabs, octopuses and squid do have blue blood.


9. Chocolate is An Aphrodisiac

Studies have found that chocolate nor any food has no effect on sexual desires and that it is merely an advertising ploy. Probably stemming from the Victorian era, when chocolate was an exotic treat, the idea was that was an expensive, romantic gift and thus made us feel more...er...amorous.


10. The 'Five Second Rule'

Drop a piece of food and everyone knows you have 5 seconds before germs can get to it. Alas, if only this were true as germs can contaminate your food in milliseconds and it is actually more to do with how dirty the surface it has touched is rather than how long it has been there. Sorry.


11. Eating Before Swimming Gives You Cramps

No one has ever drowned from swimming on a full stomach. It may be a little uncomfortable but the idea that digesting food draws blood away from the muscles is rubbish. 


12. The Gluten Free Option Is Healthier

Gluten free is certainly a good idea if you are a coeliac or intolerant to gluten but otherwise, your body should be able to process it just fine and you will be no less healthy having consumed it.


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