13 Coffee Orders For Serious Coffee Nerds & Caffeine Fiends

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Most of us know the difference between a latte and a cappuccino, whilst the more adept coffee drinker will point out that the thing you get in Starbucks called a 'flat white' can't possibly be a flat white because real ones don't come in large sizes but there are some coffee drinks out there that are the pure preserve of experts and serious coffee nerds.

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However, if you want to test your barista, why not ask them for one of these and see if they really know what they're talking about or if they're just another hipster shot-jockey.


1. Guillermo

The coffee equivalent of a tequila slammer, this is one for those who like acidic and citrusy coffee and is also dependent on the blend being served. However, if you want to accentuate these notes in the coffee try a Guillermo, which is a shot of hot espresso over slices of lime.

A ‘romana’ is the same idea but over lemon slices and a ‘mazagran’ takes it a step further, being an iced coffee with lemon juice, served in a long glass.


2. Dirty Chai

Chai tea is a mix of spices blended for a warm, calming beverage that usually includes black tea, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, fennel, clove and black pepper but varies from region to region. Chai latte is the same thing but served with steamed milk, and most people draw the line there with their chai adventures.

However, if you like the taste of chai but still need that extra caffeine kick, ask for a dirty chai, and you'll get all that the chai latte entails with an espresso shot thrown in as well.


3.Yuen Yeung

An extremely popular order in parts of Asia such as Hong Kong and Malaysia, where it is known as a Kopi Cham, this drink is a hybrid of tea and coffee that sees three parts of black coffee to seven parts tea, mixed in with condensed milk to sweeten.

It can be served hot or cold and is incredibly sweet and potent.


4. Leche Manchada

Literally meaning 'stained milk', this one is for people who like the hint of coffee and nothing more. Just steamed milk with a drop of coffee, it is basically a babycino for adults.

Some may say this is the same as a latte macchiato, but it is even weaker than that.


5. Marrocchinno

A tiny form of a mocha that can be drunk fairly rapidly (although sipping is probably still best) this is a shot of espresso, with cocoa powder and milk froth in a small glass.

In the Italian town of Alba, where the chocolate company Ferrero originates from, many places will serve the drink with the chocolate spread Nutella (owned and created by Ferrero) in place of the cocoa powder.


6. Con Panna

The name says it all as it literally translates as 'with cream' and that is exactly what you get, an espresso shot with a squirt of whipped cream on the top.

Depending on where in the world you are, it may also be referred to as a 'suizo'.


7. Red Eye

This is one for serious caffeine addicts and, if you do find yourself needing one of these, we suggest you see a doctor. They really get the heart pumping with the mixture of a regular black filter coffee, topped off with a shot of espresso.

Add two shots, and it becomes a 'black eye', add three it's a 'dead eye' and add four, and it's a cardiac arrest - don't be so stupid! A more sensible way to enjoy the taste of a red eye is a 'Tobio', a shorter drink made with half filter coffee and half espresso.


8. Cafe de Olla

A Mexican coffee drink that is hard to come by outside of the central American country (although, by no means impossible), this consists of ground coffee being flavored with cinnamon and whole cane sugar called piloncillo.

If in Mexico, it will be brewed in a traditional clay pot but outside, you may struggle to find this legitimate feature.


9. Cafe Bombon

A coffee drink from the Spanish city of Valencia, this is an espresso shot and an equal amount of cream, served in a clear glass, that creates a layered effect as it sinks to the bottom.

This condensed cream is very gooey and makes the drink extremely sweet.


10. Cortado

Coming from the Spanish verb ‘cortar’ meaning ‘to cut’, this is an espresso shot with a dash of warm milk.

Many will be rushing to claim this is the same as a macchiato but it is with frothed milk on top rather than just warm milk.


11. Kaisermelange

Coming from Austria, this drink involves an espresso shot and a whipped, raw egg yolk until it has a smooth, creamy consistency, and then a touch of honey for sweetness. Rum or brandy can also be added for those who want an alcoholic kick to their coffee.

Vietnamese egg coffee is similar to this, with three beaten egg yolks and condensed milk.


12. Eiskaffe

German for iced coffee but this is more in the vein of a coke float than other iced coffees you might find as two scoops of vanilla ice cream are dolloped on top of the black ice coffee.

Further to this, whipped cream and a sprinkle of chocolate chips can also be included.


13. Espresso Tonic

An espresso shot mixed with tonic water, as in tonic from Gin & Tonic, to create a refreshing, carbonated ice coffee.

Ideal for those who want a long coffee drink but still need to cool down during the warmer summer months.


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