Chocolate Cake For Breakfast Could Make You Healthier & Smarter

Health & Beauty April 12, 2016 By Vincent

In news that will undoubtedly be music to almost everybody's ears and have five-year-olds across the globe saying "I told you so", it has been found that having chocolate cake for breakfast could help make us all both healthier and smarter.  This groundbreaking research into what I will forever use to justify having cake was undertaken by Syracuse University in the United States and suggests that brain activity and cognition could be improved if we switched to this small dietary change. It didn't however, mention what would happen to our waistlines or blood sugar levels but that seems a little besides the point.

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Having participants of this particular study perform different tasks after arduously scoffing down some chocolate, researchers found that “Chocolate intake was significantly and positively associated with the Global Composite, Visual-Spatial Memory and Organization, Working Memory, Scanning and Tracking, the Similarities test (abstract reasoning), and the MMSE," or in layman's terms, chocolate make you think good. So why specifically for breakfast and why cake?

Well, the research doesn't state a time at which you should eat chocolate but we all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is because it gets your metabolism going and helps aid brain function after a period of rest. By reawakening your body after it has shut down, you make sure it is ready and fuelled up for what the day has to bring. As the chocolate helps trigger mental activity, it makes sense that coupling it with other foods that have similar properties in that department would only serve to better these properties, treatment so by combining it with other brain foods, such as eggs, you are pushing your mental capacities even further, hence the cake.


Outside of helping the old brain box to power on all cylinders, having chocolate cake could also help quell cravings throughout the day so that you wouldn't be tempted to pick up nibbly things. This was shown in a study done by the Tel Aviv University in Israel which was trying to show that the timing of your meal was just as important as the content of it when it came to maintaining healthy weight levels, as such they showed it was better to eat cake at a regular time than it was to eat better foods at irregular intervals. High calorie starts to the day can help prevent cravings for sweeter things later on.

Chocolate has been consumed for thousands of years and it is only in relatively recent times that it has been mixed with milk and sugar which is where most of its detrimental health affects come from. Although not globally available throughout history it has been used treatment of sickness, as a proof of royalty, as a way to prepare for sexual dominance and as comfort with varying degrees of success. In any case, we will be keeping a close eye on how this chocolate story develops and wait eagerly to hear if our favorite treat has any more health benefits. The results of the Tel Aviv study can be found here whilst the Syracuse findings are here. I'm off to have some cake.


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