15 Body Language Mistakes Most Of Us Make Around Others

Top Tips November 24, 2017 By Hugo

What we don't say is arguably as important as what we do say. And whether it's a firm posture, a confident handshake or a sure look in the eye, displaying good body language is a trait many successful people possess.  

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With that being said many people fall short so here are 15 common body language errors most of us make when around others.

1. Slouching

Without realising it, most slouch and cave into their little world which emits a sense of weakness and disrespect.

Yes, it's a lazy form of posture and one which also suggests you are unconfident. So lift your back and shoulders, and you'll instantly feel a foot taller and more in charge; a feeling others will feel too just from talking to you.

2. A weak handshake 

Shaking someone's hand is a straightforward act but one which tells a lot about someone.

For instance, if you shake with an affirmative grace, you'll be seen as confident and trustworthy. But if you are too weak or strong in your shake you could quite easily be seen as too tame or aggressive. 

3. Avoiding eye contact 

The eyes are the gateway to the soul, but many- perhaps all too aware of the intimacy that looking into the eyes of another brings- often avoid direct contact.

Because of that, those who manage to speak while maintaining a confident yet unintimidating stare will usually come across as more genuine and confident than those who deliberately avoid eye contact

4. Watching the clock 

If you're one of those people who likes to check the clock every minute, then stop as you're emitting signs of disrespect!

As well as appearing plain rude, it will indicate that you would rather be elsewhere than with the person you are holding a conversation with.

5. Crossed arms

By crossing your arms, you are subconsciously putting your guard up. In turn, you're displaying signs of unease and trepidation.

Those who keep their arms to their side, however, are usually those who appear more open-minded and interested in the thoughts and opinions of others.

6. Looking down

Looking down, whether you're walking from A to B or talking to another person, suggests that you are afraid to meet the eyes of others and possess little virile.

So remain calm, and stand straight and walk with your head facing ahead, not down. You'll feel 10 feet taller and come across as more attractive and confident.

7. Leaning away from others

When you are having a conversation with someone, it's important to show that you are interested and that you have taken on board everything they have said.

But if you are too far back, you'll come across as uninterested and rude.

8. Fidgeting

Fidgeting typically occurs when the mind is trying to process a tricky situation; whether that be what to say on a first date or how best to present themselves in an interview.

It may even seem compulsory to scratch the back or your head or scratch your cheeks, but in doing so, you are transmitting signs of a character who isn't at all confident. Instead, try to keep body movements to a minimum and let the voice do all the work. 

9. Not smiling 

No one likes a bore, but more often than not we unknowingly have frowns plastered across our faces. We may feel okay, but others around you don't know that.

Smile regularly, however, and you will likely light up a room just by doing so according to one study, which found that those who smile effect the mirror neurones in the listener, encouraging them to smile back. 

10. Getting too close for comfort

Invading personal space isn't nice, but for those of a more confident disposition, they can forget they are even invading anything.

So when you're talking to someone, try not to get too in their face or speak too loudly. That way, it shows your respect them as opposed to if you were doing the latter.

11. Rubbing your hands together

When we are cold and in need of warmth and comfort, we rub our hands together. It is a natural thing to do, but such an unconscious action can suggest you that you are prone to intimidation and shyness. On the other hand, celebratory moments can also lend itself to such body language- like pulling off a business deal at work.

Done with too much enthusiasm, however, and this too could be bad and make you come across as arrogant as selfish.

12. Eye rolling

Not only is this incredibly rude but it can also lead others to think that you are disinterested.

And even if they agree with you, just one small eye roll immediately screams 'unprofessional.'

13. Irregular leg movements 

When we are around others in situations we might at first find nerve-wracking, there can be times when we all get a bit weak at the knees. But instead of crossing one leg over the other, keep still and remember to uphold a healthy posture.

Usually, we often pace up and down when nervous, but when required to stand still, the body often forgets that the legs aren't supposed to be moving.

14. Nodding continually

While nodding to someone else when speaking can at first suggest you are absorbing and agreeing with them, doing so for too long usually leads them to believe you are doing it more out of habit than anything.

It's a bad habit, though and leads the person talking to think you aren't interested.

15. Fiddling with something

We often fiddle with something if we can find a nearby object. It could be a pen on the table in an interview or tapping a wine-glass when on a date. At least, most who are nervous do such things, and it usually irritates the other person.

So sit still, look them in the eye and let the mouth, rather than the irregular movements of your hands do the talking.


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