14 Bad Habits That Could Lose You Your Job

Lifestyle December 21, 2017 By Vincent

People pick up bad habits from time to time and, on occasion, there's nothing too dramatic to worry about but if you do you need to be careful not to bring these habits to work. It's unlikely that one or two will get you the ax but they could have a cumulative effect and really put the pressure on you so be careful to avoid these when in the workplace.

14. Procrastination

You may feel you do your best work at the last minute but it looks as though you're being lazy and work-shy.

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Even if you think the results show for themselves it can have a negative effect on your colleagues who have to work with you or rush to complete things when you do.

13.  Lying

Whether it be taking credit for another colleague's work, spending company money on personal things or deceiving payroll about billable hours, lying is one sure fire way to say goodbye to your job.


If your boss finds out you've been lying, how can they trust you to undertake important tasks or even just do the job at hand? A big no-no.

12. Negativity

Constant gossip and complaining can bring down the morale of a team and no boss wants that as it can affect productivity and the longevity of your team members staying in their positions.


If you are a catalyst for this you may find yourself out the door before they are.

11. Tardiness

It's okay to be late due to unforeseen circumstances but really it should be avoided. You are paid for a certain amount of hours in the day and to skip out on part of that is a breach of contract.


As they say "time is money". Being consistently late shows a lack of respect to co-workers who do show up on time and projects an attitude of complacency.

10. Poor e-mail communication

Coming across rude, abrupt or uncaring can be a big issue whether it's intentional or not.


Taking too long to respond to emails or not checking them can mean meetings or important developments are missed and it affects more than just you.

9. Social Media Addiction

If you are constantly checking your phone for updates or clicking on friends photos when working, you are cutting into your work time and your employer will take a dim view of this.


Not to mention many monitor their employees' social media habits to make sure they aren't doing anything to embarrass the company.

8. Poor Body Language

Rolling eyes can be seen as dissent and slouching in your chair is often seen as inattentiveness.


Body language can quite often be misinterpreted so be careful how you present yourself in the workplace.

7. Inattentiveness

If you're always distracted or constantly mishearing and forgetting things it can come across that you don't care about the task at hand and if you don't care, why should you be there?


People will think you are sloppy in what you do and will find someone who can do it better.

6. Poor Grammar

Along with using foul or bad language, poor grammar can come across as poorly educated and inattentiveness.

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People will feel you take no time or care in your work.

5. Going It Alone

It's good to be self-motivated and driven but if you regularly refuse to work with others it can slow you down, come across as churlish and negatively affect morale.


4. Temper Tantrums

A lack of composure under stress suggests that you are not cut-out for the job at hand and can make colleagues around you incredibly uncomfortable and unfairly singled out.

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3. Inefficiency

Disorganized and wasting time is a massive bug-bear of employers who want to get the most out of their workers.


If they are wasting company resources and taking their time whilst doing so then it causes a big problem.

2. Speaking Without Forethought

If you are forever putting your foot in your mouth, offending others and saying inappropriate things then it can seem as though you have no presence of mind and you may rub important people up the wrong way.

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1. Bad Manners

Just being impolite will get on people's nerves and show you have no respect or diplomacy when approaching subjects. It's important to get along with the people you work with even if you don't like them.



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