10 Awesome Jobs You Can Get With A 2nd Language

Lifestyle November 13, 2017 By Vincent

Learning a second language can have many benefits, from making communicating with your fellow human beings easier to being able to earn more, travel and find new jobs. In terms of the job market, it can be super rewarding. and offer a great way to earn more. The best languages to consider, in terms of employment, are as follows.

Spanish: Over 500 million people in the world speak Spanish and it is the official language in four continents. By learning Spanish you increase your employability across the globe immensely.

French:  France is the 5th largest economy in the world and 3rd most invested in so that alone offers up employment opportunities but French is spoken in places as far-flung as Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, and North and sub-Saharan Africa.

German: Shown to earn you the most, on average in terms of bonuses, out of other languages at 3.8%.

Mandarin:  The most widely spoken language in the world, this is a Chinese dialect and with China having nearly 1/6th of the world's population and one of the fastest growing economies, it could be worth learning.

Arabic: With the oil boom making the Arab world one of the wealthiest parts of the globe, there is an abundance of markets to tap into.

With a second language being advantageous in almost every field of work, here we look at some of the best opportunities you can get.

1. Games Translator

Industry: Gaming

Video game companies are forever looking for translators to readjust their dialogue or menus because it is a multi-billion dollar industry that is ever growing and they want their product to get to as many people as possible.

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2. Brand Specialist

Industry: Technology

Brand specialists communicate with customers and take feedback on how to improve the brand and tailor it to different foreign markets.


Google is one such company that hires brand specialists to help them expand and stay in touch with their customer base.

3. Community Representative

Industry: Gaming

This sort of role appears in several fields but Blizzard is a good example to use.They're the company that makes World of Warcraft and Overwatch hires Community Representatives to engage with fans and customers from across the globe and gather feedback and deal with issues.

4. Flight Attendant

Industry: Travel and Tourism

Interacting with new people and getting paid to travel sounds like fun to a lot of people and being a flight attendant is a great way to do this.


If you learn another language you can train to work on international flights and get to see the world in your downtime.

5. Lead Co-Ordinator

Industry: International Non-Profit Organizations

NPO's are often set-up to help people around the globe with education, medicine, and other welfare issues. They do really great work and can help you travel to places that tourists don't often see. 

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Understanding a foreign language like Spanish will help advance your position in the organization because you have the ability to communicate with the people you’re trying to help.

6. Associate or Analyst

Industry: Banking and Finance

Money travels and by learning another language you can be the one who negotiates deals, explains foreign markets and follows the money.


7. Photographer

Industry: Film and Media

Photography is a language all of its own but having a second language can help you travel with it.

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This is great for travel photographers or people looking to expand into different markets.

8. Fashion Buyer

Industry: Fashion

Fashion is an international market and when scouting for the next big thing, companies will scour the globe for up and coming trends.


Because of this second languages are very important in identifying trends and negotiating a deal.

9. Recruiter

Industry: Human Resources

When looking for the best people for the job, the further your reach across the globe, the better chance you have of getting the right person.


10. Foreign Correspondents

Industry: Journalism

When picking over international news, someone who knows the language and can talk to the local eyewitnesses in their own tongue is always going to be top of the pile.



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