10 Awesome Activities For The Ultimate Thrill Seeker

Lifestyle December 15, 2017 By Vincent

Thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies are always finding new ways to push boundaries and get their heart's pumping in death-defying fashion and in unique and awesome ways. Extreme sports have become fairly commonplace nowadays and so every so often, new and exciting ways to feel the fear will crop up. Here we showcase just a few that you may or may not have heard of.

1. Flyboarding

High-pressure jets of water shooting from a board strapped to your feet so that you can feel as though you are flying, flyboarding was pioneered in 2012 by a Frenchman called Franky Zapata.

Aleksandar Todorovic/Shutterstock.com

Incredibly popular in places like Australia, Dubai, and parts of the USA, there is a similar form where you strap it to your back like a jetpack.

2. Gorge Swings

Like bungee jumping, but rather than throwing yourself downward in order to bounce back up, you swing across some amazing landscapes like some sort of Tarzan character which adds an extra site-seeing dynamic to the activity.


Popular places include the Zambezi river and South Africa’s Oribi Gorge if you can stomach the 160ft drop.

3. Mountain Unicycling

Like mountain biking but with one less wheel and a whole deal more practice needed, some of the harder runs down mountains are best left to the experienced but there are plenty of places to try it.


The world unicycling federation has plenty of tips on the activity and ideas as to where you can head to in order to try it out. It's often referred to as muni.

4. Volcano Tours

In Iceland, you can hike to the top of the Thrihnukagigur volcano before descending into its bowels and having a peek at what the center of the Earth looks like.

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Drop 120m into the opening via an open cable lift, below the Earth's crust where the volcano's crater has shaped some amazing rock formations.

5. Sandboarding

Like snowboarding but down sand dunes instead, as such the climates also tend to be a little bit warmer than what other boarders may be used to.

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A popular destination is the Namib Desert in Namibia due to the fact it has the largest dunes in the world but Peru and Dubai are also popular choices.

6. Zip-Line Rollercoasters

Hurtling down twisting turning courses of zip-lines, you can speed your way along the treetops of jungle and rainforest settings dangling from a harness 60m from the ground.

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The aptly named Treetop Crazy Rider in Australia and the Rattlesnake in Florida, USA, welcome those prepared to whizz along with over 1600m of track between them.

7. Whitewater SUP

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is everywhere now but most tend to choose gentler, more serene waters to try it out.


For those who are more adept at keeping their balance, they may want to try their hand at doing it down some white water rapids with most places offering it only in the US at the moment.

8. High-Altitude Urban Experiences

Some structures are built big for a reason and rarely are these to be walked on and yet, people have exactly a desire to do this.


New Zealand’s Auckland Sky Tower and Toronto’s CN Tower both offer tours around their heady heights. Alternatively, try abseiling 100m down Rotterdam’s Euromast, scaling the iconic Sydney Harbor Bridge or London's O2 Arena.

9. Cliff Walking

Tethered to the edge of a cliff and walking along narrow wooden planks may not be to everyone's liking but it certainly is exhilarating and offers up some amazing views.

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The Huashan mountain trail in China provides one of the more jaw-dropping routes that lead to one of the world’s most remote teahouses, over 2000m high but other less fear-inducing ones are all over the world.

10. Blowhole Diving

Naturally occurring sea caves, blowhole diving involves exploring these underwater caverns unusual geological formations that create a surge of water that pulls you along.


They create unique habitats for some amazing wildlife as well and the best blowholes to dive can be found at Lady Elliot Island, Australia and The Corridor in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.


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