10 Amazing TV Shows You Probably Haven't Seen

Culture December 21, 2017 By Hugo

Everyone is watching Game of Thrones, but if you haven't seen any of these gems, we strongly recommend you check them out. Most are probably shows you haven't heard of or been bothered to watch, but they're still great and prove that the Golden Age of Television is very much alive.

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Here are 10 exciting TV shows you probably haven't seen. 

1. High Maintenance

HBO has been experiencing a lull in ratings in recent years, with the network only being able to fall back on the hit show Game of Thrones now that Lena Dunham's critically praised series Girls is over. With that said, High Maintenance, an almost fly-on-the-wall look at the bizarre and multifaceted lives of a pot dealer's clients make this show surprisingly intriguing.

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Adapted from a web series, the pot dealer is played brilliantly by Ben Sinclair, who takes viewers on a cultural tour of New York's neighbourhoods and the differing demographics of his clients. Yet they all have one thing in common: They're irrevocably bonkers.

2. Insecure

Another HBO show attempting to take the pressure off Game of Thrones is the brilliant Insecure, picked up by network bosses after being impressed by Issa Rae's hit YouTube show "Awkward Black Girl." 

Exploring a topic that has never been done before on TV, Insecure attempts to chronicle what it's like for black girls who aren't stereotypically loud and instead explore the problems black girls who don't fit that stereotype face in a modern-day society still heavily hung up on racial and gender stereotypes.

3. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

The CW channel has yet to find a global hit to replace Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries, though Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's early promise will give CW bosses hope that it can continue reaching a broader audience.  

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The plot itself, as the title suggests, revolves around a hopelessly romantic singleton who can't seem to shake the memories of her ex-boyfriend despite holding down a job at a prestigious law firm and owning a swanky Manhattan flat. Highly entertaining and incredibly relatable, CE-G is one of the best shows on TV, something you'll soon realise the moment the characters burst into the many songs written for the show.

4. Good Girls Revolt

Good Girls Revolt takes on the little-known topic of female discrimination within newsrooms during the 1960s, and it does a brilliant job at it. Better still, the show centres on the real events that occurred in Newsweek America's offices in the 1960s which saw female workers taking on the media giant following their promotion practices regarding women workers.

However, Amazon decided not to renew the series though producers are actively seeking a home for the show elsewhere.

5. The Affair

Showtime has had their fair share of hits over the years, with notable examples including Californication, Dexter and Homeland and judging by the first three seasons of The Affair, it appears Sarah Treem and Hagai Levi's drama will be added to that illustrious list. 

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The plot centres around an affair between two (Dominic West and Ruth Wilson) of the four lead characters, and is told in two different perspectives, but by season 2 it is expanded to include the views of the other two partners (Joshua Jackson and Maura Tierney). Yet with the character's accounts always conflicting, every episode makes you question who is being truthful, leaving for a show laden in ambiguity but rich in suspense.

6. Better Call Saul 

When Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan decided to create a spin-off to what was arguably the greatest television series of all time, concerns were no doubt raised (remember Joey?). Yet many of those doubts were quashed once the first series aired.

Profiling the early days of Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk), known in Breaking Bad as Jimmy McGill, his wheeler-dealer exploits land him in all kinds of trouble and while viewers are no doubt informed of his doom in Breaking Bad, his backstory, which also centers around the unrequited love he experiences at the hand of his older brother is equally fascinating.

7. The Good Place

TV used to be a place where A-list talent was non-existent, but nowadays you also have names like Kirstin Bell and Ted Danson starring in NBC shows like The Good Place.

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Concerning the show, the name lends itself to a plot which sees Kirstin Bell's character Elanor continually cover up why she was sent to The Good Place to begin with, which soon leaves viewers wondering what truly goes on in the alternative 'Bad Place'. 

8. Superstore

Remember how brilliant Ugly Betty was? Well, Superstore, starring Ugly Betty's star America Ferrera is even better, and with a strong supporting cast including Ben Feldman of Mad Men fame, Superstore has done well to boost NBC's comedy department following the end of esteemed shows like The Office and Friends.

Exploring the drab world of retail doesn't sound compelling, but with strong performances and accurate dialogue that best conveys the everyday boredom and restlessness experiences in such professions, many people will relate to this brilliant comedy.

9. The Exorcist

Yes, the film that mentally scared your parent's generation has now been adapted into a Fox TV series.

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Admittedly, The Exorcist is one of many shows spawned from movies but Fox's latest horror instalment, while currently its lowest-rated new show, is one that deserves more viewers.

10. The Last Man on Earth

Will Forte is the brains and star behind this amusing new comedy which sees an average American dude finding himself standing as the last person on Earth following a deadly global virus.

It sounds crazy, but it's a brilliant show and provides a character study of Forte's character, a regular dude who goes by the name "Phil" whose only amusements are his natural urges and thoughts.


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