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A Dude Photoshoped Himself Into Loads of Celebrity Photos and the Results are Hilarious

Entertainment May 26, 2016 By Hugo

The internet is full of weird and whacky things, and if we named everything we'd come across, we'd never shut up. But one random dude in America was perhaps bored of surfing the net for cat videos and decided to add a dose of creativity into his life. The result? Tons of photoshopped photos of himself hanging out with the stars. On the face of it, it sounds pretty lame. I mean, how much free time does this guy have? However, they're funny as hell and include the photoshopped imposter living it large with the likes of Bey and Ye, and even getting flirtatious with Rhi Rhi! Here are some of his best.

1. "Don't be feeling my girl homes"

2. "This isn't working, is it?"

3. "I can't wait to retire."


4. "You get me the same thing every year." 

5. "Don't tell Kanye."

6. "You know me too well!" 

7."I knew I couldn't trust him!"

8. "He secretly hates you."

9. "Bff's for life."

10.  "You're my umbrella." 

11. "If you want to get closer to Rhianna, you're going to have to try harder than that, dude."

12. "I can't keep doing this to Beyonce."

13. "I thought you already knew?"

14. " How does it feel to be recognized as one of the great lotharios of Hollywood?" 

15. "I've never felt better."

All photos are from Peejet's Instagram account

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